What We Do

Supporting Local Democrats

The Merrimack County Democrats exists to strengthen, support and grow the Democratic Party at the local level. 

We function as a connecting arm between the New Hampshire Democratic Party and locally organized Democratic committees. 

We put a special emphasis on supporting local Democratic candidates for State Representative and helping to develop and organize Democratic Committees in each of the cities and towns across Merrimack County. 


As a Democratic Party Committee, the Merrimack County Democrats do not take sides in contested Democratic Party Primaries.  

We support all registered Democrats running for office but we endorse official Democratic Party nominees only. 

Connecting and Empowering Democrats

The Merrimack County Democrats connect local voters to Democratic Campaigns, Events and Organization.

We facilitate training and empowering local activists.

Support the Merrimack County Democrats

All donations to the Merrimack County Democratic Committee go towards electing Democrats here in Merrimack County

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